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Sonoma County

Highway One travels close to the Sonoma County shoreline for most of its 55 miles, from Estero Americano just south of Bodega Bay to the Gualala River in the north, with turnouts and overlooks along the way for drivers to rest and appreciate the spectacular, rugged vistas. This is one of the least developed stretches of California’s coast, sparsely populated outside of the towns of Bodega Bay and Jenner. Much of it is too rugged for easy access, but a number of accessible beaches and trails, mostly in the southern part of the county, are well worth the journey.

Just south of Bodega Bay you can hike the Bird Walk and Doran Marsh Trail for some of the county’s best birdwatching opportunities. Sonoma Coast State Beach, encompassing 17 miles of shoreline, is dominated by a series of sandy beaches and rocky headlands backed by low coastal bluffs. While much of it is inaccessible to wheelchair riders, the drive along this stretch offers gorgeous views. You can also stroll along a boardwalk in the Bodega Dunes,  hike the south trail at  Bodega Head, sections of the Kortum Trail,  and the entire Vista Trail, and camp, picnic, and borrow beach wheelchairs at several locations along the way.

North of Jenner the highway climbs steeply to a coastal blufftop at Fort Ross, where in 1812 Russian explorers and fur traders established the southernmost Russian settlement in North America; the wooden fort has been restored and is now a state historical park. Much of the coast past Fort Ross is privately owned and has limited public access. Though the shoreline is public, there it no easy access to it.

Site Overview Accessible Parking Accessible Restrooms Picnic Hiking Fishing Accessible Beach Access
Bird Walk
Bird Walk offers Parking Bird Walk offers Restrooms Bird Walk offers Picnic Bird Walk offers Trail
Doran Regional Park
Doran Regional Park offers Parking Doran Regional Park offers Restrooms Doran Regional Park offers Picnic Doran Regional Park offers Trail Doran Regional Park offers Beach
Bodega Head
Bodega Head offers Parking Bodega Head offers Restrooms Bodega Head offers Picnic Bodega Head offers Trail
Sonoma Coast State Park
Sonoma Coast State Park offers Parking Sonoma Coast State Park offers Restrooms Sonoma Coast State Park offers Picnic Sonoma Coast State Park offers Trail Sonoma Coast State Park offers Beach
Wright's Beach
Wright's Beach offers Parking Wright's Beach offers Restrooms Wright's Beach offers Trail
Vista Trail
Vista Trail offers Parking Vista Trail offers Restrooms Vista Trail offers Picnic Vista Trail offers Trail
Fort Ross State Historic Park
Fort Ross State Historic Park offers Restrooms Fort Ross State Historic Park offers Trail



Fort Ross State Historic Park
Fort Ross State Historic Park (Eileen Ecklund)

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