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    Accessible Travel Guides

    Access Northern California

    Access Santa Cruz County

    Accessible Nature Travel

    A Wheelchair Rider's Guide to the Los Angeles and Orange County Coast (interactive guide, pdf version)

    A Wheelchair Rider’s Guide: San Francisco Bay and Nearby Coast

    General Coast Guides

    The California Coastal Commission has produced an excellent series of guides to the coast, beginning with the California Coastal Resource Guide in 1987. All are worth having, even though some of the information in the older guides is now outdated.

    Experience the California Coast is the Coastal Commission's three-book series covering the beaches and parks of Bay Area, central, and southern California, published between 2005 and 2009. These guides provide a wealth of detail on sites all along the coast, including beaches, public access ways, parks, campgrounds, nature preserves, aquariums, and museums, with detailed maps.

    California Coastal Access Guide (2003) is an essential visitor handbook, with details about access and facilities along California's entire 1,100 miles of shoreline.


    Access Organizations and Legal Information

    Guidelines for Developed Outdoor Areas (includes beach access routes and trails)

    Americans with Disabilities Act

    National Center on Accessibility

    Beach Wheelchairs

    Specially designed chairs that roll over sand are available free of charge at many beaches. Most are manually operated and must be pushed by someone, but a few in southern California are motorized and can be operated independently. Each beach has its own policies regarding chair use. Typically they cannot be reserved in advance, but it's advisable to call before you visit to check availability. List of beaches (pdf) that had beach wheelchairs as of summer 2010.

    Beach Wheelchairs For Purchase

    Beach Cruzr


    Agencies and Organizations Promoting Coastal Protection,

    Restoration, and Public Access

    Coastal Commission

    Coastal Conservancy


    California Coastkeeper

    Save San Francisco Bay


    Guided Hikes and Outings for People with Disabilities

    North Coast

    Disabled Adventure Outfitters

    San Francisco Bay Area

    Bay Area Association of Disabled Sailors
    Bay Area Outreach and Recreation Program
    Environmental Traveling Companions
    On the Level San Francisco

    Walking In Sonoma County...Mostly

    Santa Cruz Area

    Ride a Wave



    National and State Parks

    Cabrillo National Monument (access page)
    Point Reyes National Seashore (access page)
    Golden Gate National Recreation Area (access page)
    Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy (general information about GNRA)
    California State Parks (access page)

    Regional Parks

    East Bay Regional Parks (access page)
    Sonoma County Regional Parks (access page)

    Trails Information and Organizations

    Bay Area Hiker (accessible trails page for San Francisco Bay Area)
    Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District (accessible trails page for San Francisco Bay Area)
    California Coastal Trail
    Rails to Trails Conservancy

    San Francisco Bay Area Wheelchair Accessible Trails
    San Francisco Bay Trail

    Transit & Trails


    Discount Passes and Licenses

    State Parks discount passes
    National Parks discount passes
    Fishing licenses

    More About Coastal Places

    Coastal Records Project


    Plants and Animals


    PRBO Conservation Science

    Cornell Lab of Ornithology (general information about birds and bird-watching)
    California County Geographic Birding Guide

    California Academy of Sciences California Wildflowers
    Wildflowers of the Central California Coast

    California Department of Fish and Game's Complete List of Amphibian, Reptile, Bird and Mammal Species in California

    Monterey County Birds, Cetaceans, Odes, Herps & More

    Academy of Sciences



    Monterey Bay Aquarium

    Aquarium of the Bay

    California Academy of Sciences (Steinhart Aquarium)

    Aquarium of the Pacific

    Cabrillo Marine Aquarium








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    Access Norhtern California This web guide is a project of Access Northern California.   California Coastal Conservancy Thanks to our partner the California Coastal Conservancy